Renewables – Biomass Boilers

A biomass boiler is a heating system that uses the combustion of organic matter to provide heating and hot water. Biomass boilers burn sustainable, carbon-neutral and renewable fuel. If you’re looking for a renewable alternative to fossil fuels, then a biomass boiler could be a suitable option.

Biomass burners for the home or business include log burning stoves, wood chip burners, pellet burners and straw burners. We only fit the highest quality biomass boilers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Pellet Boilers

The pellets are made from compressed sawdust that is generated as a waste product from timer processing. Good quality pellets have a major advantage over other biomass due to having the most calorific value for their volume. They can be fed into the boiler by a fully automated system.

Log Boilers

Log boilers provide an exceptionally economical method of supplying heat and hot water from a sustainable fuel source.

Wood Chip Boilers

This type of boiler can efficiently burn both wood chips and pellets due to its well-designed, fully automatic system.

Why Use Biomass?

  • Biomass is a ‘carbon lean’ fuel producing a fraction of the carbon emissions of fossil fuels.
  • UK sourced biomass can offer local business opportunities and support the rural community.
  • Biomass can be sourced locally, from within the UK, on an infinite basis, contributing to the security of supply.
  • Interest-free loans are available from Energy Savings Trust (up to £10k for domestic or up to £100k for non-domestic). We can talk to you about the available grants and financial help on offer.
  • Funding up to £15,000 is available for Biomass, with a potential £7,500 grant upon providing evidence that a heat pump is unsuitable for the property. The grant rises to £9,000 if the household qualifies for the rural uplift.

    Note: Non-automated, non-pellet stoves or room heaters are not eligible.

Is a Biomass Boiler Suitable for Me?

  • If you are searching for a greener heating solution, biomass is worth considering. Biomass boilers are probably more suitable for larger properties that take a long time to heat.
  • A hot water storage cylinder will be needed to store the domestic hot water.
  • Biomass boilers produce ash, which will need to be disposed of on a regular basis (an automatic biomass boiler will take care of this for you).