Battery Storage For Solar Panels

Install a battery storage system alongside your solar panels to take your energy self-sufficiency to the next level. Battery storage provides what you need to power your home with green energy, even after the sun goes down. You will only use expensive National Grid power as a backup.

What Is Solar Battery Storage?

A battery system allows you to store any solar electricity you don’t use during the day. Instead of wasting the excess electricity, you can utilise it later when the sun isn’t shining. The battery system automatically switches between functions – it knows when to store the surplus energy and when to send the stored energy for use in the home. Home energy storage will reduce the electricity you use from the grid and cut your energy bills.

Should I Install a Battery Storage System With My Panels?

Battery storage systems help make the most out of your solar panels. You can also guarantee that most of your electricity is 100% renewable and home-generated.

If you tend to be out of the home during the daytime when solar panels produce the most energy, then storing the power for use in the evening makes sense.

It is not essential to install a battery storage system; it is an optional upgrade. With solar panels alone, you will still save money and reduce your carbon footprint, but battery storage helps maximise your solar energy usage.

Quality Battery Storage Installation

At McInnes Group, we only install the best quality battery storage equipment. We supply the latest available technology made by superior brands. Most battery systems come with a 10-year warranty and are expected to last 20 to 25 years.

If you are thinking of fitting batteries with your solar panels, contact us at McInnes Group. We can install solar batteries as part of your solar energy system – our team of experts will design the best layout for your circumstances and fit everything you need. Rely on us to do things right – we pay attention to the details and take care of every client.