Home Solar Panels Expertly Installed

We’ve helped homeowners across Scotland save money on their electricity bills. Why don’t you take the next step and make the most of this free, renewable power source? We tailor every solar energy system we install to maximise potential. Considering your home’s size and energy demands, we ensure you get the best possible return for your investment now and into the future.

Installing solar panels for the home is the smart move. Currently, government grants are available to help with the cost of installing solar panels – it’s all part of the push for renewable energy. Solar is a clean, quiet energy source that reduces greenhouse gases and is eco-friendly. Choose the team here at McInnes Group to fit domestic solar energy panels and battery packs.

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  • Eco-Friendly & Renewable Energy – Solar is a never-ending energy source that does not pollute or release harmful carbon dioxide particles.
  • Increased Independence – When you can generate your own electricity, you are less reliant on the big power companies. You could even become completely power-independent!
  • Save Cash – Electricity power hikes will no longer affect you – you can even sell excess energy back to the National Grid!
  • Increase Your Home’s Value – Property that has a solar energy system installed is more desirable and, therefore, more valuable when you want to sell your home.

How Do Home Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, known as PV cells. Each small cell absorbs photons emitted by the sunlight, which converts to usable power for the home. When you turn on lights, your oven or the tumble drier, the compliance uses the free electricity the panels generate. This means you rely much less on the National Grid, and your bills are substantially lower.

Do I Need Battery Storage With Solar Panels?

Solar panels stop generating energy when the sun goes down, so your appliances will automatically switch to National Grid power in the evening. However, if you install a battery storage system, any excess energy produced by the panels in the daytime is stored away.

This stored energy can be used after dark instead of grid power. We can install everything for you if you are interested in a battery storage system.