Commercial Solar Panels Installed

If you own a business and your premises are suitable, installing solar could be an excellent move for your future. We install commercial solar energy systems across Scotland and England, including the panels and the battery storage systems.

Our expert team of engineers is experienced, qualified and available for large and small commercial projects. We keep everything in-house, from designing the best system for your business to installing all the necessary equipment.

Flexible Commercial Finance Solutions with Smart Ease

Smart Ease provides customized commercial finance solutions for your business needs, ensuring seamless assistance for growth and success in today’s marketplace.

How Much Are Commercial Solar Panels?

It is cheaper than ever to install solar panels for businesses. Technology has made huge leaps forward in production in recent years, and the market is more competitive.

The exact cost of solar panels for your business will depend on how many solar panels you need, and where they are to be installed.

The best way to get an accurate cost is to ask us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Should You Invest In Solar Panels For Your Business?

Installing solar panels can help cut costs, reduce your reliance on rising energy prices and lower your commercial carbon footprint. The more energy you need for your operation, the more your business and the planet will benefit from installing solar panels.

The benefits of installing commercial solar panels include:

  • Money Saving Investment – The electricity generated by solar panels is free energy. Every kWh of energy the panels generate is one kWh less you’ll need to buy from a supplier.
  • Reduced Reliance on National Grid Power – Energy prices have been increasing for years, and this is expected to continue as fossil fuels become more challenging to source. Generating your own electricity from solar panels can reduce your reliance on the National Grid and fluctuating prices.
  • High Rate of ROI – Most businesses use electricity during the day when solar panels produce the maximum power. That means none of the energy generated goes to waste, maximising your savings.
  • Increase Your Green Credentials – Lower your business’s carbon footprint by using a clean and renewable energy source. Your public image will improve, and you will be using plant-friendly practices for everyone’s benefit.